Rheumatologists are doctors who investigate, diagnose, manage and rehabilitate patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Although the prevalence of some conditions such as arthritis rises with age, musculoskeletal conditions may affect all age groups and rheumatologists see a large variety of patients of all ages.

Rheumatologists treat conditions such as:

  • inflammatory joint disease, eg rheumatoid arthritis

  • degenerative joint disease, eg osteoarthritis

  • autoimmune disease, eg lupus

  • back problems

  • soft tissue disorders, eg tennis elbow

  • metabolic bone disorders, eg osteoporosis

  • crystal arthropathies, eg gout

  • musculoskeletal infections

Your consultant will take a history and assess your condition before giving you their expert opinion. If further investigations or treatments are required, these will be fully explained to you during the consultation.


Dr Patrick DAOUD

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